Rebirth in the Heat

icecreamThe heat wave is impending
Surely, inevitably, I suppose
It’s exhausting, the thought of it,
Its dominion
Its sway
The Sun, though, is the real culprit
Beautiful and dread, its rays
Filling me with
Promise and possibility
But the pervasive pyrotechnic
Cannot leave well enough alone
Delving deep into my inner sanctum
Disrupting my vulnerable chi
Shooting shards of lethargy
Tumbling and tearing through
My wiring and short-circuiting my limbs
Turning them into useless appendages
Then lashing like shrapnel along my
Brain’s synaptic pathways
Bringing with it
To give in is agony
To fight is senseless
To be the phoenix over and over
Exhilarating and yet exhausting too
So I wonder, and I ponder
Why is there no rebirth by ice cream?

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Varnishing Day – Like a House of Cards


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Sweet Dreams of Ice Cream Scoops and You

scoopWhen sweet dreams of ice cream scoops
Slide from sentimental to erotic and
My feelings glide and ripple
back through time and space
To you, a you I never really knew
But for a shimmer of a connection
A persistence of a synaptic thread
That should have withered long ago
But there it is
A spark
From a forgotten memory
A spark
From a moment of regret
A spark from
A look unrecognized
A touch not understood
A flirt unreciprocated
Once lost in time and space
Now woken by a dream
The spark follows the thread
Releases the same oxytocin
That fused the connection long ago
And I am there and you are there
I tingle from the squeeze of your hand
And remember that I did… nothing
Then you’re gone, the dream fades into
A hazy image of an ice cream scoop.

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That was the River

The River

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So this is Pink Eye

Pink eye

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One Eye in the Mirror


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Little Bear


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