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Spiders Amongst Us

Unseasonably warm fall days make for a wonderful precursor to the coming winter. You feel as if you are out of time or space with the sun low on the horizon and the temperatures high on the thermometer. And with … Continue reading

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Without Doubt

I lack doubt. It might seem strange to just blurt this out but I don‘t inherently doubt. Once I started to think about that this lack of doubt it began to pop up everywhere. I tend to believe in the … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass: Embracing Dispersion

Originally posted on Once More Unto the Change:
Life is so scattered and overwhelming. So much going on inside the mind and outside in the real world. We spend so much time trying to get our hands around it all,…

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The Devil is in the Ice Cream

Despite the chill in the air Silky, smooth rivulets of cream Slide between my fingers that Clutch the sugar cone. My palm feels the ticklish, sticky Drip, drip onto my shirt, my shoes The unappreciative cold sidewalk. My eyes moisten … Continue reading

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Simplicity Comes With Chicken

It always starts with chicken. When I think what should I write about today, the first thought that pops in my head is chicken. Then sheep, then pigs and then bears. Then I think, OK, what should I really write … Continue reading

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No One Wants to Come Over for Dinner

“How to Cook Everything.” The title on the spine of the book tells me it knows such secrets. Everything? That seems rather daunting but I suppose it is possible. You give me the basics and I should be able to … Continue reading

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The Ceiling Fixture Shall Remain Crooked

I’m in bed staring up at the ceiling fixture. It’s crooked, crooked in that it is a square fixture and is not squared to the walls of the room. I hate the fact that I notice because I really don’t … Continue reading

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Musings on a Naked Matador

  I need a naked matador to battle my inner demons Not a rodeo clown to distract the menacing hordes Not a huntsman to track and shoot the raging beasts Not a hypnotist to soothe and calm the crying monsters … Continue reading

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Lazarus and the Cookies

“What are you doing here?” I said to clearly warm cookies Arranged neatly on the kitchen island. “There are no cookies in the house.” “We are Lazarus come back from the dead” The cookies replied in a chocolate smooth melody, … Continue reading

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Itching My Need for Calm

My eyes itch. They really itch. Which is weird because I’m not holding anything sharp and haven’t just chopped up a bunch of hot peppers, both of which tend to induce the irrational need to rub one’s eyes. My eyes … Continue reading

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