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Musings, the Audio Sessions

Inspired to record some musings. Because musings, after all, are best served out loud. Or more precisely, if they are going to be in my head they should be in yours as well. Shout out to The Mirror Obscura and Dark Ecologies. … Continue reading

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Musings on Chimneys

I’m an old house Creeks and cracks and moans Rigid and dry are my bones Stubbornly flexing with the seasons Sway, settle, groan I’m an old house My chimney spews smoke and fumes You can see floating like clouds On … Continue reading

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When Priority is Time and Time is Precious

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You’re not getting to the things you want to get to. Whether they are a passion or a hobby or a great idea you’re just not getting to them. You want them to be a priority but you’re unable to … Continue reading

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Organizing Myself Out of Organizing

I recently painted my office. I had to move all the books off the bookshelves and everything out of the room. Furniture is starting to move back into the office. Book shelves first. Now the books. Now the organizing of … Continue reading

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Methane Wars: A Fable — Chapter Twenty

End Game Emboldened by his success, Esposito went after the remaining population he considered a burden on society: the homeless. The homeless weren’t considered unemployed by the PCA because they weren’t on unemployment assistance or any other assistance. They had … Continue reading

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Methane Wars: A Fable — Chapter Nineteen

Cliff Diving  The cliff jumper was Senator Esposito from California. He argued that if we were going to make recipients of government assistance work for it then so should those on unemployment assistance work for it. The opposition lashed back, … Continue reading

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Musings on Laughing

Look, look, look. I look but I don’t see. See, see, see. I see but I don’t hear. Hear, hear, hear. I hear but I don’t laugh. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. I laugh but I don’t understand What I was looking … Continue reading

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