Art and Words.  Sharing paintings and thoughts on this and that. Sometimes satire, sometimes not. Always insightful, except when it’s not.
Author of “Methane Wars: A Fable” and “Lear’s Fool.” Available on Amazon.com.
Art prints and accessories available at Fine Art America.
Thanks for stopping by.
Joe Gergen

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  1. John Coleman says:

    Hey, Joe. A noble blog you’ve got going here. Thanks for checking out mine. Peace and best, John

  2. Joe –
    the biggest thing I’m beginning to appreciate about your blog is that it’s just so easy going, laid back.
    Like sitting with a friend along side a creed somewhere, maybe fishing (which I don’t, but I can kind of enjoy watching someone else deal with the frustration) or listening to nature, or just clearing out minds.
    Then, all of a sudden, in the throes of an unending but not uncomfortable silence, someone just lets a thought flow out from the depths of nowhere and just thoroughly entertains us for a while.

    Then he goes back to fishing, I could back to watching the fishing, waiting for another truly innocuous epiphany bites and we reel it in.
    You certainly catch your limit.

    Easy, enjoyable reading.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • joegergen says:

      Thank you, Harris. And I appreciate your interactions, always bringing it back to the real. Your description reminds of a Bill Evans quote describing Jazz, music is the silence in between the notes that you never knew existed.
      Not that i would be bold enough to compare myself to Jazz.

      • Years ago I went to college with a kid named Dave Getz. Stan’s son.
        The kid had some basement tapes his dad made of himself, Dizzie Gillespie and Miles Davis. Can’t recall who was on piano or bass.
        Not being a jazz aficionado, I knew then and remember well what an honor it was to hear some music that possibly only a couple of dozen people in the world have ever heard.

      • joegergen says:

        Oh my, that is an awesome story. I know plenty of people who would kill for that experience.

  3. a lot of interesting reads, a new follower here!!

  4. helensmithe says:

    Hey Joe, this is Merbear..I wanted to invite you to my new blog if you are interested. Thanks!

  5. Pooja Alok says:

    Totally love your paintings! Awesome!

  6. Pooja Alok says:

    Absolutely! Stay blessed..

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