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Musings on Following Sheep

Dreams of writing something dark and Deep slip out of consciousness when All that comes to mind are sheep. The visit to the farm, Sheep paintings on the wall. Sheep everywhere. Sheep, sheep, sheep. Ah, but we do a disservice … Continue reading

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Be Happy: Stop Feeding the Furnaces of Industry

More, more, more. Ah, the superimposing of contentment onto possessions. There’s a social disease for you. It’s like an insatiability. A vicious (and perhaps viscous) unfulfilling loop where we mindlessly feed our hard earned rewards back into the furnaces of … Continue reading

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Begging Vachel Lindsay’s Pardon

Begging Vachel Lindsay’s Pardon It’s not my fault, Vachel Lindsay. I only came to read your words And find inspiration. I tried to find you in my house But all the books in boxes Are hidden from my eyes Waiting … Continue reading

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Having Faith in Your Choices: The Options Paradox

“I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” — Robert Frost Not bad words to live by I suppose, but I get the idea somehow that this leads us to believe there is some … Continue reading

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Musings on Pepper Grinding

My Pepper Grinder is a piece of work. I twist and I twist and I twist. My hand grows weary and cramps For a few sprinkles of black gold. So I resort to salt. Salt in large mouth jars Where … Continue reading

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An Apology to the Bees

An apology to the Bees for whom I planted the wild flowers, The barrage of colors intended to seduce you into the yard, Lure you with scents and promises of more, A pollenic paradise beyond the floral gate. Tomatoes and … Continue reading

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Musings on a Wooden Breakfast

No food in the house today. I stare at the wooden furniture Biscuit sitting on the desk. It doesn’t look all that inviting But it looks better all the time. Don’t worry. I won’t eat it. It’s not that big … Continue reading

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