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Deconstructing Platitudes: Finding Something Useful in Inspirational Quotes

Platitudes and inspirational quotes crowd the Interweb in forms of memes, postings or life hacks. While all posted with good intention, from a usability perspective I’v always thought they were pretty useless. I thought I would go off on just … Continue reading

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Musings on Chocolate Therapy

Sometimes chocolate is just good And Sometimes it is therapy You have to know the difference You have to see the significances Hidden in the craven desires Catapulting you to consume The nearest chocolate confection No time for reflection in … Continue reading

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Lighter Musings on a Dangerous Day

Do not Climb Backside That’s what the ladder said Fair warning, I suppose Though even with the longest toes I could not have reached the first rung. Everything has a warning now days Dangerous things like chain saws Or innocuous … Continue reading

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Searching for Awareness in My Lack of Knowledge

I have an English Degree. I was the editor and assistant editor at my university newspaper. I have taken several graduate level courses in editing. And years later, I am still a horrible editor. My pedigree would indicate I be … Continue reading

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My Brain Needs a Massage

Pressure points on my neck My neck is very tight Pressure points on my back My back is very tight Stretch the shoulder Prod the quad You’re a wreck Could take all night The muscles groan Then give in I … Continue reading

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My Aim is True, Well, Not Really

“Is that a bruise on your palm?” “Yes.” “How did you do that?” “I smashed it with a hammer.” Silence. “I’m a very bad aim.” And indeed I am a very bad aim. But I try to look at it … Continue reading

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Musings on Recessed Lighting Fail

Looming above, dark, huge A Perfectly square disaster The reamed out remains of the Recessed lighting failure. Once proudly covered by Opaque white glass That concealed the light source So persuasively the meager shadows Hid their shamed faces in their … Continue reading

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