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Risking an Honest No Lies Resume

After watching “The Invention of Lying” the other day I thought I would put a resume together that required me to place my true and unfiltered thoughts on paper. I thought I would use my newly invented “Open Letter to … Continue reading

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Creepy Kids

Got to love some creepy kids.

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The Rolling Eyes of Truth

I’m really not much of a liar. I really suck at it. I think it’s because my face gives everything away anyway so why bother. I suppose deceit is kind of in my vocabulary in that I can withhold truth … Continue reading

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Laughing at January’s Little Joke

  It’s about contrast I suppose. I was driving this morning looking up at the sky, crystal clear and boldly blue, and I was thinking how does something so vibrant feel so oppressive? Yes, it has something to do with … Continue reading

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The Polar Vortex and Fulfillment

The Polar Vortex is some cold stuff. Sixty mile blizzard winds are blinding and biting. Two feet of snow is a back breaker. But what bothers us as a society is not that it’s cold or there are white out … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge Me, At Least Not Always

  There I was. In front of the Central high school. Otis was trying his best to shove and bury me in a snow pile. From the outside it looked as if big bully was abusing the runty kid. Someone … Continue reading

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The Magical Power of Arbitrary Thresholds

  It’s six below. Yes, that’s pretty cold. It’s certainly colder other places so this isn’t about how cold it is here. It’s about that pesky negative sign. You see six below is cold but so is two above cold. … Continue reading

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The Future of Paste: All for One and One for All

I’m pretty sure I don’t often notice packaging failures. But this morning when I went to grab the tooth paste and grabbed the hand lotion instead, I realized I had encountered a packaging failure. What was this packaging failure, you … Continue reading

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A Super Bowl of Science

The Super Bowl is coming. It will come with great fanfare. With rabid infatuation. With outrageous amounts of money. With constant media coverage. With glorification of the star athletes. And yet the Super Bowl is just the tip of the … Continue reading

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Halliburton and the Off World

  The future is closer than you think.  I know this because I was in oil boom country in North Dakota last week. The activity there is crazy. This is the land of fracking after all. I was driving one evening … Continue reading

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