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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

A lot of chatter out there recently about Led Zeppelin being sued for stealing the intro to Stairway to heaven from a 1960s band called Spirit. Lots of “experts” weighing in on just how stolen the piece may or may … Continue reading

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Mirror Me Not

I looked into the mirror and saw you. You are not me. I have not become my friend. I have not become my enemy. I have certainly not become you, Whoever you are. This is not Dorian Gray’s mirror. I … Continue reading

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Musings on Boiling Broth

The broth inches toward a boil. Tendrils of liquid fat swirl around, Sharks in a whirlpooling frenzy. Circling, Diving, Reappearing. A watched pot never boils. But I don’t care if it roils. I’m watching the motion. Watching the self-organization. Its … Continue reading

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