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Musings on a Naked Matador

  I need a naked matador to battle my inner demons Not a rodeo clown to distract the menacing hordes Not a huntsman to track and shoot the raging beasts Not a hypnotist to soothe and calm the crying monsters … Continue reading

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Lazarus and the Cookies

“What are you doing here?” I said to clearly warm cookies Arranged neatly on the kitchen island. “There are no cookies in the house.” “We are Lazarus come back from the dead” The cookies replied in a chocolate smooth melody, … Continue reading

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Itching My Need for Calm

My eyes itch. They really itch. Which is weird because I’m not holding anything sharp and haven’t just chopped up a bunch of hot peppers, both of which tend to induce the irrational need to rub one’s eyes. My eyes … Continue reading

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Musings, the Audio Sessions II

The Diamond and the Damned   One ring may rule them all But two will bind us together. Commitments hard as diamonds, Bound to an infallible ideal Designed to reflect change and weather sieges, Daily remind us of choices made … Continue reading

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A Fab Time at the Mall

This is hard to admit. I was in a mall the other day. The Mall. The Mall of America. The mall was very busy. Parking was stressful, really stressful. Rush hour traffic jam stress is mild compared to the atmosphere … Continue reading

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Musings on a Coffee Shop Chair

The paintings hanging on the coffee shop wall Look at the line of empty chairs and say, “You are empty.” The chairs look back and reply, “You are two dimensional.” “You are functional.” “You are superfluous.” “You are used.” “You … Continue reading

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