Representation without Representation: Return of the Landed Gentry

Representation without Representation: Return of the Landed Gentry

gentry1Money, or as it is referred to nowadays, wealth. Wealth rules the world. Yes, thanks, Captain Obvious. Everyone knows this.

Sure, we go about pretending it isn’t true. We have to stop pretending though. Believing it to be wrong and it not being true are not the same thing.

The idea that wealth doesn’t rule our country should have been destroyed when the Supreme Court recently ruled on McCutcheon vs. FEC and of course the infamous Citizens United case from a few years ago. It’s basically a legalization of the oligarchy we pretend doesn’t exist.

Thanks Supreme Court. You’re awesome. This is what happens when lawyers rule the world. The absolute inability to distinguish between whether something is technically legal and whether it is right. Just because you are allowed to do it doesn’t mean you should.

Hiding behind technicalities. That’s what we need from out leaders. Thanks.

Maybe it’s time to start voting with your wallet. Or better yet vote by not opening your wallet. And there are a genuine few minimalists out there who don’t let it rule them. I’m all for more minimalists. The rise of the minimalist class would be awesome.

After all, all they really want is your money. They are relying on your addiction to consumerism. Become a minimalist. Kick the addiction and kick the Landed Gentry at the same time. If you need to spend money, spend on those you believe in or at least those who you distrust the least.

The Boston Tea Party ignited the No Taxation without Representation movement.

Perhaps it’s time for the Minimalist Tea Party. Our slogan will be No Representation without Representation. Say no to the Landed Gentry.

Join the Minimalist Party today. Change the world one choice at a time.

More on the recent Supreme Court Ruling and other such things:

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