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Your Brain on Balloons

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Escaping the Neural Network

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There is No Place to Take a Right

There is no place to take a right, I thought as I tried to navigate My way from the center of my brain back to a world I once knew. If I couldn’t take a right I wasn’t going to … Continue reading

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

A lot of chatter out there recently about Led Zeppelin being sued for stealing the intro to Stairway to heaven from a 1960s band called Spirit. Lots of “experts” weighing in on just how stolen the piece may or may … Continue reading

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My Brain Needs a Massage

Pressure points on my neck My neck is very tight Pressure points on my back My back is very tight Stretch the shoulder Prod the quad You’re a wreck Could take all night The muscles groan Then give in I … Continue reading

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