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Begging Vachel Lindsay’s Pardon

Begging Vachel Lindsay’s Pardon It’s not my fault, Vachel Lindsay. I only came to read your words And find inspiration. I tried to find you in my house But all the books in boxes Are hidden from my eyes Waiting … Continue reading

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Musings in the Dark

There is a certain comfort in walking Purposely into the darkness. You can’t see anything in there But it can’t see you either. You can see out. Those left Behind cannot see in. In the darkness fireflies play, Flashing in … Continue reading

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One Lamp to Rule Them All

What possessed you to make an Eye of Sauron lamp? That was a question someone asked when I showed them the finished product. I loved that question. Partially because it had no detectable mockery of my nerdery, but mostly because … Continue reading

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