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We’ve Come for Your Soul

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Entropy and Me

My soul is being crushed by concrete. Step by step across every sidewalk slab Reverberations from my feet to my head Pulverizing my spirit with unending waves of lifeless gray energy. Weeds sprout and explode from every exposed crevice Ceaselessly … Continue reading

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Musings on Chimneys

I’m an old house Creeks and cracks and moans Rigid and dry are my bones Stubbornly flexing with the seasons Sway, settle, groan I’m an old house My chimney spews smoke and fumes You can see floating like clouds On … Continue reading

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Musings on Crumbs

Crumbs on the table. I see them there but do not care. A little dirt is no deterrent, Creates no desire to turn away. The world’s too clean by far. Antiseptic and bare Are not the ways of Nature. Man-made … Continue reading

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Musing on Someone Else’s Feet

Clumped at the bottom of the rusty Sieve, next to the unwashed cleaver, deprived of life affirming Collagen, the declawed chicken feet Linger limply on, the last of their Pungent poultry odor clinging closely by. Reminiscences of chicken soup for … Continue reading

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