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Finding Your Gut..Instinct

Really, you’re just figuring this out now, I thought as I read an article in the Washington Post called “Too Much of Too Little.” The article focuses on the highly processed and low nutrition diet often consumed by those on … Continue reading

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Emotion Comotion

  How do I love you, let me count the ways. I ran across a list of emotions the other day. There were approximately 260 words on the list. I forgot how many different ways I could feel. I always … Continue reading

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Joe vs. the Phoenix

Out of the ashes. That’s where the phoenix rises from. I’ve always loved the imagery and idea of the flaming phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn to take on the world anew. And yet I never really focused on the … Continue reading

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A Little Focus, Please

  Multitasking should be a swear word. Or at least preceded by a swear word whenever it is used. Effing multitasking. My favorite thing about multitasking is that it has become a desired strength or skill, especially on the job … Continue reading

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A Microwave Life

The microwave is dead. Or it’s “Mostly Dead” as Miracle Max might say. My cold coffee used to take a minute to make nice and toasty. Now it takes three minutes to make it lukewarm. At this point I suspect … Continue reading

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