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My Focus is My Own

My voice falters Physically, mentally, emotionally My vocal chords tremble, atrophied from disuse My mind’s signals are weak Split into too many isolated threads Each easily snapped, discarded and discontinued Bombarded and sliced and shredded By a society that insists … Continue reading

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Swirling Through Disfocus

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I am Possible

The sun shines. I am happy. I am distracted. The pain subsides. I am possible. But this distraction is a diversion. An easy external addiction. Better to focus inward. Escape within, on my own terms. To be possible. To know … Continue reading

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When Motivation has Run Away

I lost motivation the other day. I looked around and it was just gone. It felt like my dog had gotten loose and I couldn’t find him. (OK, to be fair, it actually wasn’t as bad as losing your dog. … Continue reading

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A Little Focus, Please

  Multitasking should be a swear word. Or at least preceded by a swear word whenever it is used. Effing multitasking. My favorite thing about multitasking is that it has become a desired strength or skill, especially on the job … Continue reading

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