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Be Happy: Stop Feeding the Furnaces of Industry

More, more, more. Ah, the superimposing of contentment onto possessions. There’s a social disease for you. It’s like an insatiability. A vicious (and perhaps viscous) unfulfilling loop where we mindlessly feed our hard earned rewards back into the furnaces of … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the Shoe Laces

I haven’t resorted to wearing Velcro strap shoes yet. Apparently all the signs are there that I should. Today I bought some new shoe laces for my boots. After struggling to get the old ratted laces out, I stared at … Continue reading

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Fueling Change with Chocolate

Habits require rewards. Incentives to engage in the habit, good habits. That’s what I learned from the book “The Power of Habit.” So I didn’t make this stuff up. Being a get-to-the-point kind of guy, I looked at the three … Continue reading

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Someone will be Offended

Take offense. Someone will take offense at what I write. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon. And I’ll be honest. I won’t get it. I’ll try but I won’t understand. What’s important to understand is that I’m a … Continue reading

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A Little Focus, Please

  Multitasking should be a swear word. Or at least preceded by a swear word whenever it is used. Effing multitasking. My favorite thing about multitasking is that it has become a desired strength or skill, especially on the job … Continue reading

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Tapioca is Weird Shit

I made some tapioca today. Some big pearled stuff. It’s like pudding but it’s got components. So do you just swallow it right up or do you chew? I didn’t know. My senses were confused. So there I was,  just sitting there … Continue reading

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