The Dark Side: It’s so Easy to Hate

hate1I wouldn’t be surprised to see a No Vacancy sign on the Dark Side one of these days. It’s getting to be a pretty popular place. It’s so popular hipsters might start avoiding it.

Don’t give in to hate. Wait, that is so last year.

It’s so last year there’s even an Internet Quiz out there for it called “How Much Do You Hate People?” Check off all the things you hate about other people’s behaviors. From crying babies to long lines for the rest room to slow drivers. Of the sixty five questions it seems that if you score over half you are a pretty good hater.

Not like it’s a scientific measurement of any sort. And I am sure there are real psychological tests out there that would more accurately measure ones hate if we really needed one. What troubles me is not that it isn’t scientific or that I don’t know it’s just humor but that the sentiment is so widespread there’s a need for an assessment, however comical.

What really started me thinking though was that the people I saw who scored high seemed to be proud of their high score. I suppose at some level it’s just funny. At another level it’s kind of sad.

Now to be fair hate is a pretty strong word and we throw it around frivolously about things we don’t like. Or is it because hate has become so prevalent that it’s become passé? Hmm.

But I’ve certainly seen people become apoplectic about crying babies so clearly some people become more distressed than others.

Is it really hate? I don’t know. I ‘m sure it depends on the person. What I do know is that all of the questions on this very scientific survey were about how you react to another person’s behavior or a situation that you have no control over. That’s not to say some of these scenarios don’t involve people behaving poorly. It’s that they’re generally not aimed at you personally. The behavior or situation would have occurred whether you were there or not.

The key words here are “how you react.” How you react negatively to the situation. How you choose to react negatively to a situation.

I forever wonder why people voluntarily charge themselves with negative energy based on other people’s behavior. That’s living with some bad vibes. Or to be more scientific, you are perpetually dripping cortisol into your body. The chemical that flows into your body when you feel stress . It’s really bad for you.

Why would you do that to yourself? Let someone else’s behavior suck life out of you.  I suspect it’s an addiction. Addiction to that burst of cortisol. Much like being an adrenaline junkie.

I suppose we’re becoming a nation of hate junkies.  Hate. Annoyance. Intolerance. Call it what you want. Doesn’t sound pleasant to me.

Listen to Obi Wan. Don’t Give in to Hate.

About joegergen

To evoke a smile. That's all. Author of "Methane Wars: A Fable" and "Lear's Fool" as well as various poems and some these painting things as well.
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