Musings on a Bowl of Coriander

corriander3Obsessions I didn’t know I had
Surfaced in a bowl of coriander.

Compulsion to pluck each seed
From every stem.  Right now.

I’m not like this, really. Just a few more.
Rolling the seeds in your fingers.
Clink, clink, clink. The sweet sound
Of reward. Need more clinks.

It’s so easy. Like rolling ball bearings.
Repetition. Fingertips massaged.
A Trance. I’ve started to sway.

So many things you can do
With the versatile coriander seed
But I don’t know any of them and
I don’t care.

Thank God there was only one bag.

About joegergen

To evoke a smile. That's all. Author of "Methane Wars: A Fable" and "Lear's Fool" as well as various poems and some these painting things as well.
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1 Response to Musings on a Bowl of Coriander

  1. vontoast says:

    I suspect that you are not one to leave alone with bubble wrapping?

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