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Musings on a Bowl of Coriander

Obsessions I didn’t know I had Surfaced in a bowl of coriander. Compulsion to pluck each seed From every stem.  Right now. I’m not like this, really. Just a few more. Rolling the seeds in your fingers. Clink, clink, clink. … Continue reading

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Finding an “Ism” that I can Live For

I guess I’m all obsessed with “isms” recently.  Just got done going off about perfectionism.  And yesterday I was thinking about purism. You don’t hear much about Purists now days though. When I was younger I was always hearing people … Continue reading

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Obsessed with obsessions

This world is not for the mediocre. The average. The healthy. The normal. We’re obsessed with over achievers, adrenalin junkies, insane perfectionists. My favorite one is obsession with technical perfection in the arts. Virtuosos, technical wizards, blemish free anything. I … Continue reading

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