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I’d Eat a Rancid Nut Roll

I’d eat a rancid nut roll for you. I’d wait ten hours in line for tickets to a concert I didn’t want to go to. I’d wear a knife onto a plane. I’d throw sand on my bed sheets And … Continue reading

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Musings on Chocolate Therapy

Sometimes chocolate is just good And Sometimes it is therapy You have to know the difference You have to see the significances Hidden in the craven desires Catapulting you to consume The nearest chocolate confection No time for reflection in … Continue reading

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Things I Forget but then Sometimes Remember

Short and Sweet. Sometimes I feel bad because of biology. Not because of anything I or anyone else has done. I hate being told to smile. But I like to smile at people. Sometimes it’s worth it. Pain is telling … Continue reading

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Hiding from My Bloody Valentine

It’s so easy to hate on Valentine’s Day. Which of course is funny because it’s the day of “love.” We all know it’s all commercial and been bought out by jewelry companies, florists and chocolatiers. It’s capitalism at its best. … Continue reading

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Beware the Justification Hydra

“You need more antioxidants,” my doctor said. “Is that like chocolate?” I asked. “Something like that,” he replied. I thought maybe if I had the best chocolate ever how could anything be bad. And even if things are bad, I’ll … Continue reading

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Fueling Change with Chocolate

Habits require rewards. Incentives to engage in the habit, good habits. That’s what I learned from the book “The Power of Habit.” So I didn’t make this stuff up. Being a get-to-the-point kind of guy, I looked at the three … Continue reading

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