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I’m not Buying What You are Selling

I’m a bit of a minimalist. I think I’ve mentioned this before. I’m a terrible consumer as well. A friend once said, you don’t even know you need things. Marketing doesn’t seem to work on me either, though the jury … Continue reading

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Methane Wars: Trying to Sell Complexity

Short and sweet. That’s what I’d like to say about a book I finished last year, “Methane Wars” A Fable.” But what it really turns out to be is short and dense with ideas. Makes it difficult to both describe … Continue reading

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The Threat of a Deal

I saw a Halloween promo sign at Walgreens the other day (yes, I was at Walgreens) that I thought said “A Threat of a Deal” though it appears it actually said “A Treat of a Deal.” The Threat of a … Continue reading

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