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A Detailed Destruction: No Country For Abstract Poetry

I’m too abstract to write poetry. The sins I commit when I’m writing poetry are plentiful. Not specific enough. Not detailed enough. Not rhythmical enough. My reaction to that has always been: I don’t care. But to be fair that’s … Continue reading

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Methane Wars: Trying to Sell Complexity

Short and sweet. That’s what I’d like to say about a book I finished last year, “Methane Wars” A Fable.” But what it really turns out to be is short and dense with ideas. Makes it difficult to both describe … Continue reading

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The Truth, She Hurts

Self-referentiality. While one can hardly avoid it when writing a blog about one’s thoughts, I usually try to avoid writing about writing. And unless it’s a self-help article on writing, I don’t like to read writers writing about being a … Continue reading

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