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Rebirth in the Heat

The heat wave is impending Surely, inevitably, I suppose It’s exhausting, the thought of it, Its dominion Its sway The Sun, though, is the real culprit Beautiful and dread, its rays Filling me with Life Love Longing Promise and possibility … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Interstellar Firebird

Like a black hole in my belly The gravity inside me tugs me into myself My muscles shudder as they resist the collapsing, The compression, the folding in upon myself Mental, physical, emotional energy pulled Down, down, down I close … Continue reading

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The Strange Compulsion to Repeat a Fiery Wreck

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Joe vs. the Phoenix

Out of the ashes. That’s where the phoenix rises from. I’ve always loved the imagery and idea of the flaming phoenix rising from the ashes. Reborn to take on the world anew. And yet I never really focused on the … Continue reading

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