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One Does Not Simply Walk into the Polar Vortex

  Brrr! My Santa Claus coffee mug stares at me across my desk: a cold, lifeless stare out of corner of his eye. I fear his stare is doing more than just draping icicles off my heart. I fear he … Continue reading

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Laughing at January’s Little Joke

  It’s about contrast I suppose. I was driving this morning looking up at the sky, crystal clear and boldly blue, and I was thinking how does something so vibrant feel so oppressive? Yes, it has something to do with … Continue reading

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The Polar Vortex and Fulfillment

The Polar Vortex is some cold stuff. Sixty mile blizzard winds are blinding and biting. Two feet of snow is a back breaker. But what bothers us as a society is not that it’s cold or there are white out … Continue reading

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