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Spiders Amongst Us

Unseasonably warm fall days make for a wonderful precursor to the coming winter. You feel as if you are out of time or space with the sun low on the horizon and the temperatures high on the thermometer. And with … Continue reading

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Methane Wars, Coming Really Soon

Hello All, I’ve decided to serialize a short novel I wrote a few years ago. I’ll publish a chapter a day until the chapters run out. It’s called “Methane Wars: A Fable.” It’s about cows and methane and such. A … Continue reading

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One Does Not Simply Walk into the Polar Vortex

  Brrr! My Santa Claus coffee mug stares at me across my desk: a cold, lifeless stare out of corner of his eye. I fear his stare is doing more than just draping icicles off my heart. I fear he … Continue reading

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