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Looking for a Change of Winds

It was windy last night. I can tell by the pile of drifted snow on the back steps. Fascinating how the wind decides to pile up snow where it does. Probably some physics and vectors behind it all. Though even … Continue reading

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If the Glove Fits

  Baby’s butt. That’s how soft my hands usually are. Especially since I took a break from making furniture. No callouses. Nothing. Gloves. I don’t wear work gloves. Never have. Except when raking or it’s cold. So when tiling last … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days Shall Not Return

I found an old toy car in ceiling while renovating the basement bathroom. I showed my nephew, who said “They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.” True. And they never will. And then I wondered, Does it really matter? I … Continue reading

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