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Looking for a Change of Winds

It was windy last night. I can tell by the pile of drifted snow on the back steps. Fascinating how the wind decides to pile up snow where it does. Probably some physics and vectors behind it all. Though even … Continue reading

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A Time To Innovate, A Time to Not

Urban Gorilla Program. That’s what I thought the headline read at the Como Zoo web site. How my brain managed to add the “Urban” part I don’t know. But the damage was done and could not be undone. My first … Continue reading

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Tapioca is Weird Shit

I made some tapioca today. Some big pearled stuff. It’s like pudding but it’s got components. So do you just swallow it right up or do you chew? I didn’t know. My senses were confused. So there I was,  just sitting there … Continue reading

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Risk is good

As Gordon Gekko might say, Risk is good. I tried to pen some gibberish about risk being good. Like greed is good. I got nowhere. All I kept thinking was “Duh!” I think taking risk is good. But ultimately the … Continue reading

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