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Musings on Recessed Lighting Fail

Looming above, dark, huge A Perfectly square disaster The reamed out remains of the Recessed lighting failure. Once proudly covered by Opaque white glass That concealed the light source So persuasively the meager shadows Hid their shamed faces in their … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the Studio Job Site

1. Copper wire bends and bends and bends then Breaks without warning though not without expectation We test its limits, hoping it will sustain We test its limits, hoping we can restrain Before it breaks, before it’s broken Before that’s … Continue reading

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Taking Back the Shadows

  Twilight. I’ve always thought that was a captivating word. Right up there with gloaming and dusk. Maybe it’s their dark personas. Perhaps tied to my desire to disappear into the shadows. It’s a good word. But then came this … Continue reading

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Joining the Sirens between Shadow and Light

In the Spotlight. Fame. The center of attention. Many people crave this. Society certainly loves to put people there. Often rewarded with fortune. In the shadows. Wallflower. Out of sight, out of mind. Many people crave this as well. To … Continue reading

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