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When Priority is Time and Time is Precious

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You’re not getting to the things you want to get to. Whether they are a passion or a hobby or a great idea you’re just not getting to them. You want them to be a priority but you’re unable to … Continue reading

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What if I Don’t Take the Road Less Travelled?

What if I don’t take the road less travelled? Will that make all the difference? What if I stay on the road most travelled? There’s obviously advantages to staying on the road most travelled otherwise there wouldn’t be all these … Continue reading

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Curious George will not be Paralyzed

    A good little monkey. A very curious monkey. A monkey who got into lots of trouble. I have always struggled with the lessons of curious George. George was curious. He created a lot of havoc. And yet we are … Continue reading

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Choices are like Kindling

Choices are everywhere. You can have such fun with choices. They have such power. I have a penchant for the little choices that chip away at your goal until it crumbles before you. Aristotle is credited with saying “We are … Continue reading

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Is it Luck?

I quit my job a few weeks ago to do, well, do things like this. “You sure are lucky to be able to do that,” some person informed me. Lucky? Hmm. I don’t recall winning any lottery. Didn’t cash in … Continue reading

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