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Cinnamon Lonely Sweeps Me Away

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What if I Didn’t Care?

Originally posted on Once More Unto the Change:
What if I didn’t care?  Seems like an odd thought to begin with. Yet the other day while researching a subject I thought, What if I didn’t care? Would I be researching…

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Militant Introvert: Your Struggle is not My Struggle

“I know you struggle with your Introversion.” What? Someone said that to me the other day. And I thought hmm, and being a good Introvert I mulled it over for a while to pin down what I thought about that. … Continue reading

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Tired of a Flailing Government: Teach a Man to Fish

I learn something new every day. Today via social media and news outlets I learned that Republicans are stupid. I learned that Democrats are clueless. I learned that the current regime is responsible for all our ills and that the … Continue reading

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Google Goggles: Change your Vision, Change your Life

These Google marketing people need to be fired. What’s with calling their wearable tech Google Glass? The obvious choice for their product is Google Goggles, which provides a huge range of marketing options and the added bonus that is sounds … Continue reading

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Out of Context and into Change

The other day at the gym I saw someone on the treadmill. I’m like I know that person from somewhere, but where? I couldn’t bring the connection together. Ends up she works at the front desk of the gym where … Continue reading

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The More Things Stay the Same the More They Change

“No sense in complaining because nothing ever changes.” I heard in a conversation the other day. At first I thought it was at just some harmless, despondent fatalism. A “That’s life” kind of quip. Then I thought, that’s just wrong. … Continue reading

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