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We are all just pockets of knowledge in a sea of boundless ignorance.

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Context Lost: The Google, the Borg and You

I’ve Googled. You’ve Googled. We’ve all Googled. And if you know anything you’ve probably been Googled into obsolescence. You may not know it yet, but you have. Do you remember when if you needed to know something about something you … Continue reading

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What if I Didn’t Care?

Originally posted on Once More Unto the Change:
What if I didn’t care?  Seems like an odd thought to begin with. Yet the other day while researching a subject I thought, What if I didn’t care? Would I be researching…

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The Virtues of Digging into the Unknown

Like a curious child who must ask his mother To let him go into the world, you must give Yourself permission to go into the dark. Do not waver, do not wait for Your eyes will acclimate to the dark. … Continue reading

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Searching for Awareness in My Lack of Knowledge

I have an English Degree. I was the editor and assistant editor at my university newspaper. I have taken several graduate level courses in editing. And years later, I am still a horrible editor. My pedigree would indicate I be … Continue reading

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A Tangled Thirst for Knowledge

  I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge. Not factual type knowledge. More of that knowing kind of knowledge. Kind of that philosophy knowledge but not so deep and esoteric, maybe more practical. That understanding of the human condition. Perhaps … Continue reading

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