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What if I Don’t Take the Road Less Travelled?

What if I don’t take the road less travelled? Will that make all the difference? What if I stay on the road most travelled? There’s obviously advantages to staying on the road most travelled otherwise there wouldn’t be all these … Continue reading

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Of Utensils and Rules

Have you ever noticed just how many utensils there are in the world? Hundreds of billions of forks and spoons and table knives. I have enough utensils for five families. People just kept giving it to me. I certainly don’t … Continue reading

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A Detailed Destruction: No Country For Abstract Poetry

I’m too abstract to write poetry. The sins I commit when I’m writing poetry are plentiful. Not specific enough. Not detailed enough. Not rhythmical enough. My reaction to that has always been: I don’t care. But to be fair that’s … Continue reading

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Because We’re Adults

One of my favorite quotable movies is “The Ref” with Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis.  Filled with great lines. One exchange goes like this on X-mas eve (Denis Leary is Gus and it helps to envision him saying … Continue reading

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