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I am Possible

The sun shines. I am happy. I am distracted. The pain subsides. I am possible. But this distraction is a diversion. An easy external addiction. Better to focus inward. Escape within, on my own terms. To be possible. To know … Continue reading

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Cricket Graveyard (with apologies to Jiminy Cricket)

There is no escape. That’s what the crickets have found out. Yes, there is a cricket graveyard on my basement steps’ landing. The crickets who have invaded my basement have apparently found no way to navigate the steps to freedom, … Continue reading

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Is it Luck?

I quit my job a few weeks ago to do, well, do things like this. “You sure are lucky to be able to do that,” some person informed me. Lucky? Hmm. I don’t recall winning any lottery. Didn’t cash in … Continue reading

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