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Expectations: Perfectionism’s Evil Child

I am the opposite of a perfectionist. That is undoubtedly true. What am I then? Apparently if you’re not a perfectionist you’re a rebel.  I found this out by searching for antonyms of perfectionism. Here’s a list of some of … Continue reading

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Obscurity Rocks

Obscurity. Working in it sucks. All the hours you put into your passion can be tough at times when you receive little recognition. Many of us are comfortable with our labors of love and the personal reward they bring. Many of us … Continue reading

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All These Little Things

Many people have giving me this advice: Take pleasure in the little things. I think it is good advice. I try to follow it. I find it’s profound advice about things that are not often in themselves particularly profound. You … Continue reading

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Unicorn Peppered Bacon

Has Mother Goose gone to the dark side? That was my first thought as I saw the grocery store sign out of the corner of my eye. Has Mother Goose found a portal from fairy-tale land to Minneapolis? Is she … Continue reading

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