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No One Wants to Come Over for Dinner

“How to Cook Everything.” The title on the spine of the book tells me it knows such secrets. Everything? That seems rather daunting but I suppose it is possible. You give me the basics and I should be able to … Continue reading

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Sofas, Beets and Belief: Choose Wisley

I helped move a sofa into a basement today with small doors and annoying landings. I was positive the sofa was going to be stuck on the landing forever, or until I broke the legs off. We had to back … Continue reading

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Musings on Broth, Kefir and Coffee

So, it’s come to this, Morning Ritual. No yellow eyed eggs staring at Me with unconditional love, no skillet of Siren singing bacon calling to my waking Spirit, no butter smeared toast stretching Out to tickle my slumbering desire. Too … Continue reading

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Of Utensils and Rules

Have you ever noticed just how many utensils there are in the world? Hundreds of billions of forks and spoons and table knives. I have enough utensils for five families. People just kept giving it to me. I certainly don’t … Continue reading

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Sandwich Difficulty of Nine

  Is there a correlation between difficulty to eat and gastro-enjoyment? I was confronted with question last night when I ordered a sandwich at Mort’s Deli. It was called the Toots. The complexity of the sandwich was apparent from the … Continue reading

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In Search of Gritty Cuisine

Coal-fired oven. For me this notion conjures up visions of industrial era London caked in soot. And the Black Sheep, pizza shop that uses coal-fired ovens, had that promise of olden days written all over it. When we got the … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Garlic Memory

  Garlic is awesome. Anyone who knows garlic knows this is true. Anyone who does not know this has not been exposed to enough garlic. I’m sure many people have proclaimed that you can’t have too much garlic. I know … Continue reading

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