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When Priority is Time and Time is Precious

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You’re not getting to the things you want to get to. Whether they are a passion or a hobby or a great idea you’re just not getting to them. You want them to be a priority but you’re unable to … Continue reading

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Organizing Myself Out of Organizing

I recently painted my office. I had to move all the books off the bookshelves and everything out of the room. Furniture is starting to move back into the office. Book shelves first. Now the books. Now the organizing of … Continue reading

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Context Lost: The Google, the Borg and You

I’ve Googled. You’ve Googled. We’ve all Googled. And if you know anything you’ve probably been Googled into obsolescence. You may not know it yet, but you have. Do you remember when if you needed to know something about something you … Continue reading

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Musings on Knotty Pine Memories

Musings on Knotty Pine Memories Knotty pine from the dark corner of someone else’s Remodeled basement release a familiar odor as I cut it down to size. The resin flavored aroma sends me to another place. But I don’t know … Continue reading

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Sofas, Beets and Belief: Choose Wisley

I helped move a sofa into a basement today with small doors and annoying landings. I was positive the sofa was going to be stuck on the landing forever, or until I broke the legs off. We had to back … Continue reading

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What if I Don’t Take the Road Less Travelled?

What if I don’t take the road less travelled? Will that make all the difference? What if I stay on the road most travelled? There’s obviously advantages to staying on the road most travelled otherwise there wouldn’t be all these … Continue reading

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In Search of the Gushing Pen

I just stopped. The pen was so faulty in putting ink to paper that I just stopped taking notes. And then I just stopped thinking. And that isn’t much help when you’re actually trying to put thoughts to paper. I … Continue reading

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